Keeping Your Campus Safe

The Challenge

Safe Schools Alliance (SSA) recognizes that there is great diversity within our nation’s school systems. Across our nation, there is wide diversity in school plant design, available law enforcement infrastructure, safety and security approaches, and within community tax base and budgetary framework. We recognize there is diversity among key stakeholders within our communities who are genuinely concerned with the safety and security of our nation’s most precious resource: our children. Community cultures, society norms and ethos vary. School boards and administrators cannot operate independently and impose security solutions upon the communities they serve.

Parent Teacher Organizations, Teacher Unions, community leadership and government officials have vested interests in contributing to security solutions, in the face of ever-increasing concern for the safety of all on campus. Shrinking budgets, dwindling tax base and public scrutiny of school budgets demand strong oversight of spending and efficient use of taxpayer funded initiatives. How do school boards and administrators determine how to develop security solutions that can be justified and cost effective that actually affect the perceived risk factors concerned?

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Safe Schools Alliance’s comprehensive assessment process is a useable tool administrations and school boards can utilize to insure their security funding is spent wisely.

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Student Safety

A safe school is our the top priority. Students and faculty will will feel safer knowing your facility has had a comprehensive assessment and recomendations have been implemented.

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The School Security Assement Program

Safe School Alliance Consulting Services’ School Security Assessment Programs (SSAP™) provide incredibly useful tools for school boards and administrators for school systems of all sizes and levels of complexity. Our proven assessment approach can assist in identifying vulnerabilities that can be exploited, weighs them against the perceived threat factors, and evaluates the effectiveness, acceptability and suitability of security solutions before those solutions are procured or implemented. Our assessment programs provide these leaders with a thorough understanding of their school security program issues and the alternatives available to address them. They also serve as an aid in validating current programs and expenditures or creating enhancements and budgetary justifications to improve security measures at their campuses.

Safe School Alliance creates a detailed picture of current security measures, policies and procedures, and protective postures of your school campus. Our assessment process includes multiple methodologies to bring about this total picture. Safe Schools Alliance consultants interview specific key stakeholders and conduct Open Source Information Research (OSIR), developing information on both internal and external threats which assists in creating consensus pertaining to the perceived threats of concern. Our consultants conduct physical inspections of the buildings and grounds to identify physical security vulnerabilities. Policies pertaining to access control, security guidelines and incident response are reviewed. Existing security program configuration, components and efficiency is evaluated for suitability and effectiveness as weighed against the perceived threats of concern. Our reports provide discussion and education on why those vulnerabilities are relevant to the overall security posture, and recommends cost-effective, suitable and acceptable solutions. We do not seek to create a bunker mentality, rather we strive to assist in creating a campus environment that is safe, secure and facilitates the educational process.

At Safe School Alliance we are students of crime and terrorism, researchers of current events, participants in national level discussions, volunteers supporting safety and security issues and we have come to know the issues well. Safe Schools Alliance is actively involved in Homeland Security related conferences and associations and we practice our trade on a global stage. We understand security and we understand those who commit crimes. We understand their tactics, their techniques and their procedures: their modus operandi. We also understand the effective security cycle of deter, detect, respond, mitigate and resumption of normal activities. We understand the law enforcement and tactical response issues. We use our training, education and experience to help our clients craft sound, justifiable policy and solutions that can be accepted by the parties concerned.

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